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KMV Vivaan introduces NEXT GENERATION LIVING In Vijayawada.
The Apartments are a benchmark in defining the new-age lifestyles with subtle stylized interiors sky parks & Sky Club that encourage community and enriches your overall well-being.
IGBC Platinum rated sustainable homes
KMV Vivaan is a pre-certified IGBC Platinum Rated construction, where space has been balanced with nature to create a harmony of prosperity and peaceful living.
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Welcome to the World of Vivaan

Style Living Apartments!

Vijayawada now growing as global city needs solutions for potential lifestyle challenges. With a futuristic vision KMV Vivaan introduced premium and luxury apartments for NEXT GENERATION LIVING. The high rise building with sophisticated amenities in the interest of regional culture and values brings in an experience you never had. 

The Design & Culture of Villas

Designedby Singapore WOW Architects Vivaan have the ultimate mix of traditional architecture of “Jaali Pattern and Manduva” with the contemporary design and modern techniques. The subtle and stylized interiors where the play of light and shade captivates your mind, the rock garden in atrium area, and the beautiful terrace deck; Vivaan makes a class apart style statement with these luxuries. 

Design Philosophy
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    Designed to style and perfection
    World renowned architects WOW Singapore blend the traditional and modern at VIVAAN. With over 20 years of international experience, WOW Architects and Warner Wong Design have become renowned in the regional design community for achieving high standards in design and professionalism combined with strength in cross border services. All their projects are process driven, stylistically inclusive and diverse. They aim for experiential richness and imbued meaning from the crafting of the built and natural environments.
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    The Flower of Life
    The concept of Microcosm to Macrocosm Physically, our world and universe is made up of molecular and chemical arrangements and carbon based atoms vibrating away and being held together including the DNA present in all life. Everywhere we look, there are patterns and cycles which persist without needing to be maintained: in weather, in every ecosystem including lakes and forests, in the chain of life. Buried deeper beneath the more evident patterns that have been observed for thousands of years, there are more patterns at work which have been found in various aspects of life across the world.
  • The Jaali Pattern
    The Jaali Pattern
    The Jaali pattern used in the Villas at KMV Vivaan closely relates to “the Flower of life” which is a symbol from sacred geometry. This pattern of hexagonal overlapping circles draws highest positive energy from
  • Vastu @ Vivaan
    Vastu @ Vivaan
    At KMV Vivaan , we perceive Vastu as an ancient science to create a Harmony in the space and subtle energies and applying & implementing ancient Vastu principles into contemporary architecture in the construction of both property and building space
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Amenities & Services
The New Life of Vijayawada
Hectic professional lives and tiresome daily commute have lead to a feeling that a home should be more than just a place to arrive after work; a personal haven where you can unwind and relax. Hence, Vivaan has put together a host of amenities that engages, revitalizes and brings together a sense of community identity and belongingness.

The Master plan of KMV Vivaan

Kmv Vivaan Specification Master
Platinum Rated Sustainability Features
  • KMV Vivaan Sustainability
    • Lighting : All buildings are designed to ensure maximum day lighting. Artificial lighting is reduced to a minimum as lighting power density is maintained at the required levels.
    • Integrated Building Automation System : A three phase automated security system that ensures maximum security to you and your loved ones.
    • Extensive Green Coverage : The project is planned in perfect harmony of nature and modernity that creates a harmony of prosperity and peaceful living.
    • 100% STP recycled water for flushing & irrigation : A centralized STP facility of 250 KLD capacity is provided for the entire project. All grey and black water will be directed to the STP where it is treated and later used for landscaping and flushing purpose.
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Location Map & Benefits
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KMV Vivan Google Map
Enikepadu to Tadigadapa 100 ft Road
Vijayawada – 521137, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • 9 Km from International Airport
  • 12 Km from Bus Stop and Railway Station
  • 7 Km from Benz Circle
  • 25 Km from Ap Secretariat ,Amaravati
First IGBC PLATINUM Pre-certified project in A.P.
  • KMV Vivaan Sustainability
    • > Innovation & Design Process
    • > Water Savings 30% - 50%
    • > Energy Savings 20% - 30%
    • > Energy Efficiency
    • > Indor Environmental Quality
    • > Excellent Day Lighting
    • > Conservation Of Scare Natural Resources
    • > Site Selction And Planning
KMV Group
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Experience is an encompassing attribute and it’s the core strength of KMV. With over 100 years of experience in the field of high quality construction and infrastructure development, KMV has successfully demonstrated unmatched expertise across the length and breadth of India forging great partnerships.

As one of the leading company in the real estate, we strive to contemplate the overwhelming challenges of constructions across new geological and international frontiers. Major organizations such as NTPC, BHEL, State Bank of India, GMR Group, ICFAI, JNTU, Delhi Metro, Airports Authority of India, Apollo Hospitals, LIC, HSCC (I) Ltd, HLL Life Care Ltd, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Nuclear Fuel Complex and scores of State / Central Government Departmental Agencies stand testimony to our engineering and architectural supremacy.

With presence in fourteen states across India, KMV is currently one among the top companies in the country with end to end solutions in engineering and construction management.
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      Vijayawada – 521137, Andhra Pradesh, India
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  • Call Us:
    India Toll Free: 1800 843 3456
    US Toll Free: 1888 723 9424
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